IU-leaks it’s a not for profit media archive created and managed by the Breviin Revolutionary Armed Forces for Liberation under the leadership of the supreme commander Marcus.

Our goal is to show the galaxy the true face of the Imperial Union and its Leaders, and to show the oppressed that they are not alone in their fight for equality and freedom.

We do not wish the governments of the IU nor their citizens to be destroyed, we are against the beings that rule such governments, we support the citizens of the IU and encourage them to resist, change is possible, equality is possible, democracy is possible as long as there is people there will be revolution.

How IU-Leaks Works

IU-leaks has combined high-end security technologies with intelligence operations by the BRAFL and the contributions of dissatisfied Imperial Union citizens we accept (but do not solicit) anonymous sources of information. Unlike other outlets, we provide a high security anonymous drop box fortified by cutting-edge cryptographic information technologies.

How IU-leaks verifies its news stories

We assess all news stories, logs and cables and test their veracity. We send a submitted document through a very detailed examination a procedure. Is it real? What elements prove it is real? Who would have the motive to fake such a document and why? We use traditional investigative journalism techniques as well as more modern rtechnology-based methods. Typically we will do a forensic analysis of the document, determine the cost of forgery, means, motive, opportunity, the claims of the apparent authoring organisation, and answer a set of other detailed questions about the document. We may also seek external verification of the document such as Images ((OOC:screenshots)), dates, etc.

((OOC Information))

Many of the IRC logs we get are written in an OOC/IC manner, with no delimitation of the IC or OOC reality, therefore we take the liberty of removing and deleting any OOC related coments or information such as IPs, Email address, OOC irrelevant comments, etc.

This is to ensure that this initiative stays with an In cannon view , please note that we do not wish to offend nor defame any of our fellow gamers in an OOC way, this is merely an IC page and its managers and administrators act like they characters would.

All donations will be used for the BRAFL in its fight against opression as well as public social programs such as free raffles and give aways.

Donations must go to The Breviin Crusaders